Finally, flat rate repairs are here!!

I want to be 'your computer guy'.
When people ask 'Do you know where I can get my computer fixed?' I want you to happily give them my details.
How do I plan to do this?
Affordability. I charge a flat rate of just $50 per machine for labor.
Knowledge. What the problem is, what caused it and how you can avoid it in the future.
Peace of Mind. I include a 30 day warranty so you know you're covered after you've picked up your machine.
Information. Questions in the future? Call and get them answered. I'm happy to help any way I can.
Integrity. No pirated software or 'hacked' fixes giving you issues later on. We follow the rules!

Are you tired of having computer problems like slow performance or pop ups?
Are you scared to take it to 'that tech guy' because you've no idea if it's worth it?
Is your computer making noises and you're worried it'll cost too much to repair?
Tired of being drowned in computer jargon when all you want to do is check your darn e-mails?

No matter your problem we only charge $50 in labor to fix it.
This goes for virus removal, performance improvement, file backup and restore, hardware replacement and even a full system reload. And we're not talking 'per problem', we're talking 'every problem'.

If your computer is slow, harassing you with popups and making a terrible noise then we'll diagnose, repair and service it all for just $50.
Should hardware be needed, then it's just the cost of the hardware plus $50.

Many have copied, but we're still ' The Original '